UK and Europe

There is quite a bit going on at the moment with regard to OSS (open source software) and ODF (open document formats) in the UK and Europe. It is widely believed that any content published by the Public Sector should be accessible to all without forcing the purchase of a particular companies product.

25 Oct 2008
OpenOffice v3.0 sets download record, 80% by Windows users

24 Oct 2008
Microsoft Joins Open Source Messaging Group

15 Aug 2008
China takes lead in Linux education

15 Aug 2008
ISO and IEC Reject OOXML Appeals

14 Aug 2008
Sun opens Java tools in mobile fight back

05 Aug 2008
Linux preinstalls rocket to three per cent

17 June 2008
Wine Pops Its Cork After 15 Years

23 May 2008
Microsoft OOXML: Dead Format Walking

08 May 2008 3 beta lands

02 May 2008
Computer makers push device builders for Linux-compatible hardware

10 Mar 2008
Windows better off closed, says Microsoft

9 Mar 2008 chooses LGPL3 for next release

9 Mar 2008
Microsoft promises ODF, OOXML interoperability

14 Nov 2007
Forrester Calls Desktop Linux a Credible Threat to Windows

7 Nov 2007
Open Document Format gains more support

4 Nov 2007
ATI Open vs. Closed-Source Performance

31 Oct 2007
First GPL lawsuit in US settles out of court

28 Sept 2007
GPLv2 and GPLv3 for beginners

6 Sept 2007
Government to keep an eye on BBC iPlayer

4 Sept 2007
Microsoft Loses, Spins Open XML Vote

7 Aug 2007
Dell brings Ubuntu Linux desktops to Europe

21 July 2007
Office Open XML Standards Push Not Dead Yet

17 July 2007
IBM relinquishes IP for the sake of open standards

19 March 2007

13 March 2007
French parliament switches to Linux

8 March 2007
Tories want open source Whitehall

17 January 2007
Open source gets European boost

Number 10
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to promote the use of Open Document Format within the UK government.

15 January 2007
Vista, Office 2007 get thumbs down from UK schools tech advisor

The Digital Choice and Freedom Act
The Digital Choice and Freedom Act by Ernest